A quick-thinking member of Harrow Camera Club has stepped in to ensure that the historic London Salon will not be deprived of an exhibition venue this year.

The London Salon has staged an exhibition in the capital for the best part of 100 years (see box below).

However, the future of the Salon?s annual show looked bleak when the usual venue, Cottons Atrium near London Bridge, withdrew use of the display screens upon which the pictures would have been mounted.

To make matters worse the venue?s management also removed general use of the toilets for the opening night, effectively scuppering the Salon?s plans for a ?private view? bash which traditionally attracts hundreds of guests. At one point management even suggested that the group should bring its own ?Portaloos?.

However, Harrow Camera Club member Peter Rust has come to the rescue after seeing an appeal for help published in AP (see AP 10 December 2005).

Peter suggested the group holds this year?s show at the Harrow Arts Centre in North West London and now – AP has learned today – plans are underway for a two-week show to be held there in August.

Formed in 1910 the London Salon has roots which date back to 1892. It was formed by a group led by former AP editor FJ Mortimer after the 1909 break-up of its forerunner, The Linked Ring which was founded in 1892. Another former AP editor Alfred Horsley Hinton was a founder of the Linked Ring.

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