Bond movie actor in charity photo mission

November 12, 2008

A self-portrait of Bond movie actor Sébastien Foucan doing a one-armed handstand sold for £1,000 at a fund-raising charity auction in central London last night.

The Frenchman?s photo – called ‘Rooted in Nature’ – was the star lot in the auction which raised thousands of pounds for Right To Play.

Right To Play is a charity that helps children play sport in deprived parts of the world.

Sébastien Foucan is credited as the founder of ?free running?, and has appeared in films such as Casino Royale where he played the character being chased by Bond actor Daniel Craig in the opening sequence.

Foucan was one of a handful of athletes to be kitted out with a Nikon digital SLR to record the lives of sportsmen and women away from the arena.

They included British tennis player Andy Murray.

The athletes captured their images on either a Nikon D40x or D60 camera.

Speaking after the auction, Sébastien told Amateur Photographer that he is a keen photographer and loves the creative freedom it gives him, alongside painting, another of his passions.

He said that he normally uses a Nikon D50 digital SLR and captured the self-portrait in a French forest using the camera?s self-timer, setting aperture and shutter speed manually.

Sports stars attending the auction included British canoeing gold medallist Tim Brabants and marathon runner Liz Yelling.

The event took place at the Idea Generation Gallery in The City.

Images from the project are available to buy by clicking on The Exposure Project 2008 website

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Picture credit: Sébastien Foucan, courtesy Right to Play

Sébastien Foucan, Bond actor, free runner and amateur photographer

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