[Image credit: Darren Moore/The Epson International Pano Awards/]

Darren Moore won the Epson Digital Art Prize and was named runner-up in the Open competition, beating more than 1,000 other photographers.

The Digital Art Prize was a category introduced this year to ‘reward excellence in modern digital post-processing’.

Darren’s wining image, titled ‘Curvature’ (above), saw the photographer use a 150secs exposure and a 10-stop neutral density filter.

The photographer also claimed runner-up spot in the Open award with his shot of Broadway Tower in Worcestershire.

Commenting on the photo (below), Darren said: ‘Built in 1799 the tower stands majestically, 1,000ft [300m] above sea level – one of the highest points in the county.

‘I wanted to create a fairytale atmosphere with this image. It took a number of visits over a six-month period to get the low cloud and morning mist, but the end result was worth all the early starts, as the image turned out exactly how I imagined it.’

Darren_Moore-Tower.web[Image credit: Darren Moore/The Epson International Pano Awards/]

This, the sixth year of the competition, pulled in 4,345 entries.

Organisers said: ‘Advances in digital photography and editing software have resulted in a surge in the popularity of image stitching, especially in the panoramic format.’

They added: ‘Panoramic film photography also remains alive and well.’

Mountain photographer Max Rive from the Netherlands won the Open title with ‘The Ice Prison’ (below), in the Himalayas.

he_Ice_Prison.web[Image credit: Max Rive/The Epson International Pano Awards/]

While, Mateusz Piesiak from Poland won the Amateur competition, with John Finnan from Australia named runner-up.

Mateusz_Piesiak.web[Image credit: Mateusz Piesiak/The Epson International Pano Awards/]

Prizes included Epson printers and a projector.

Shorlisted images also included these stunners:

10_2015_O_N_Max-Rive-The_Endless_Search.web[Image credit: Max Rive/The Epson International Pano Awards/]

Dmitry_Moiseenko-Kliuchevskaia_Sopka.web[Image credit: Dmitry Moiseenko/The Epson International Pano Awards/]

 It would be worth the view though should this ever happen :-)[Image credit: Guido Brandt /The Epson International Pano Awards/]

Judith_Conning-Braving.web[Image credit: Judith Conning/The Epson International Pano Awards/]