AP reveals unseen Brönte pictures

November 15, 2005

Previously unseen pictures documenting the filming of a missing 1922 movie of a novel by Charlotte Brönte can be revealed for the first time in AP.

The movie was based on the 1848 novel Shirley and filmed on the Yorkshire moors.

The still images were plucked from an album given to the Brönte Museum in Haworth, West Yorkshire, the home town of the Brönte family.

The museum?s librarian Ann Dinsdale told AP: ?As far as I?m aware the images from Shirley have never been reproduced before.?

The precious pictures are housed in an album alongside rare photographs that document the filming of the 1920 ?silent? movie version of Emily Brönte?s Wuthering Heights, which is also missing.

The museum hopes the pictures from Wuthering Heights and Shirley will help in its worldwide quest to track down both movies.

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Picture credit: The Brönte Society