Amateur photographers star in Royal Navy competition

May 30, 2014

Pictures above captured by Royal Navy Amateur Photographer of the Year Sergeant Richard Harley

Harley won Royal Navy Amateur
Photographer of the Year for submitting the best portfolio of two
Service-related photos, beating more than 60 other entries to take the

Captain Ian Stidston, head of the Royal Navy Photographic
Branch praised this year’s amateur entrants for capturing ‘some
brilliant photographs’.

The overall Royal Navy Photographer of the
Year 2014 is Leading Airman (Photographer) Alex Knott, who triumphed
over 350 entries in the professional category.

Picture: By Leading Airman (Photographer) Dave Jenkins

Picture: By Leading Airman (Photographer) Alex Knott

Picture: Photographer Thomas McDonald won the Commandant General

Royal Marines Prize

All images: Crown Copyright