Amateur Photographer marks 130th anniversary with special issue

October 7, 2014

AP 11 Oct 14 coverAmateur Photographer (AP) Editor Nigel Atherton said: ‘In 1884, the year Dr Kellogg patented flaked cereal and George Eastman patented film on a roll, Amateur Photographer entered the world as “a popular journal devoted to the interests of photography and kindred arts and sciences”.

‘In the 130 years since, it has witnessed every major development in photography and become one of the most famous and respected photographic magazines in the world.

‘Many illustrious names have written for AP over the years, from George Bernard Shaw to David Bailey.’

‘Since the first issue, AP has published 6,600 covers that are showcased in a gallery in the 130th Anniversary issue, reflecting changes in the magazine over the years.

130 years of AP covers

The 130th Essential photo tips are contained in a supplement with this week’s bumper 108-page issue, dated 11 October 2014.

AP 130th supplement coverThe 24-page supplement covers all aspects of photography, including landscapes and wildlife.

Meanwhile, Britain’s top 130 locations for taking photographs were selected by readers, professional photographers and the magazine’s editorial team.

Nigel added: ‘Photography in 2014 would be unrecognisable to those who practised it in 1884 – not only in the cameras and processes used in its creation but the ways in which it is shared and the sheer ubiquity of imagery.

‘But AP is still the premier place to read about new developments and be inspired by its greatest practitioners.’

Amateur Photographer has documented some of the most important innovations in photography. Renowned photography author Roger Hicks has contributed to this special edition in an article that takes readers through 130 years of photography, the defining cameras, photographers and historic events.

The best 130 reader images of the year have been published in an online gallery – chosen from winners of AP’s APOY and forum competitions, and from reader images published in the magazine and elsewhere. Jon Stapley, also rounds up 7 of the best classic Amateur Photographer covers from over the years.

The 130th Anniversary issue goes on sale today. Buy a digital edition here.

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