Annie Leibovitz?s UK agent has criticised elements of the press for its sensationalist coverage of the photographer?s portrait session with The Queen following the BBC?s TV editing mix-up.

Neil Burgess, the founder of NB Pictures, said he was already ?pretty angry? at the portrayal of Liebovitz as depicted in the trailer for the upcoming documentary.

However, he told Amateur Photographer magazine that his fury was further intensified by subsequent newspaper coverage of the furore.

Though Leibovitz has so far maintained a ?dignified silence? on the matter, Burgess, the UK representative of the American?s picture agency Contact Press Images, told us: ?I was pretty angry about Annie being slagged off, but mostly about the state of our press where this so-called story made the front page of the Sun [yesterday] and the Daily Mail [today].?

The Mail focused on the BBC’s apology to The Queen.

Burgess also condemned makers of such TV programmes for appearing to treat the recording of history as ?some sort of game show?.

The BBC and production company RDF are understood to have apologised to both The Queen and Annie Leibovitz for the editing blunder.

As we reported earlier, BBC One?s controller said he has no plans to resign over the matter.

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