Adobe releases Photoshop Elements 15

October 5, 2016

Adobe have revealed the latest updates to their popular Elements software line, available now for download. For the new Photoshop Elements 15 and Premiere Elements 15 – the latest products in a line that aims to give photography and videography enthusiasts a basic mix of power and ease-of-use when editing – Adobe say they have combined powerful behind-the-scenes technology lifted from their professional programmes with a friendlier user interface that matches its users level of comfort.

In the new version, Adobe have focused on further automating the organisation and editing process so that both Elements programmes can take on the bulk of the editing workload themselves, with the intent of leaving users free to share their creations with friends and family without spending hours poring over their keyboards.

Adobe’s devoted Elements Organiser app (obtained free with the main Elements package) has also seen a boost to match the rising numbers of touchscreen computing options.

So what’s new? Let’s break down some of the new features…

Adobe Photoshop Elements 15:

Adjust facial features

Adjust facial features

New guided edits: Guided edits are Adobe’s step-by-step guides to photo-editing, taking editors through instructions one-at-a-time for post-processing with the intent of increasing their confidence when editing their shots the way they want. Photoshop Elements 15 features 5 new guides, bringing the total up to 45.

Adjust facial features: Tweak photographs so unfortunate frowns don’t have to ruin a great shot.

Enhanced filter gallery: More filters for users to try out on their shots.

Frame creator: A new way for users to create their own custom frames to complement their favourite shots. These can be added to the existing frame library.

Effects collage: Add multiple effects to single photos, using multiple templates and themes together.

Speed pan: A new edit for creating (convincing, hopefully) motion blur behind your subject for added dramatic effect.

Adobe Premiere Elements 15:

Haze removal

Haze removal

Layer adjustment: A new guided edit that lets you apply effects across multiple clips or the entire movie at once.

Haze removal: Easily remove haze from your shots to make the background as crisp and colourful as the foreground.

Remix: A system automatically adjusting music files to the length of your project, meaning less awkward editing to make things fit.

Face detection: Adobe have added face detection to the Smart Trim, Favourite Moments and Pan & Zoom features, giving them priority when they suggest places to trim footage.

Video collage: Users can generate dynamic collages with photos and videos easily, ripe for sharing with friends and family on social media.

Elements Organiser 15:

Smart tags

Smart tags

Touch enabled: The Organiser and Quick Edit modes are now touch friendly for simple and quick use.

Enhanced search: Users can now search for a combination of search terms to make sure they get what they need from their library.

Smart tags: Elements will now automatically tag your photos based on subjects such as sunsets, birthdays, pets, and so on.

Enhanced ‘Instant Fix’: The Instant Fix function can now be used across a batch of photos at one time.

So, some enhancements across the board on a set of programmes aimed at beginner editing.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 and Premiere Elements 15 are available now – visit for more info. If you’re undecided and want to try out Elements, you can also find a free trial available on their website.

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