Adobe Lightroom arrives on Apple TV

July 27, 2016

Adobe have today announced the arrival of popular image-editing program Lightroom on the newer editions of Apple TV – although admittedly with the actual editing functionality absent. Users can flick through their saved images, create slideshows, zoom into and share their shots, though any actual editing will have to be done using the main Lightroom app.

Essentially, the release is giving Apple TV-using photographers another way of displaying their work easily, cutting out the need for fiddling around with storage devices to get their shots visible on a nice, big TV screen.


Users can expect to be able to pull up individual shots or whole tagged collections directly from their desktop Lightroom app and sync them up with the mobile version for easy access – which should be handy for showing off quickly to friends and family or clients on a screen hopefully a little bigger and better than a laptop.

It’s a tad bare-bones and might not be a game-changer, but could be useful tool for pre-existing (or future) Apple TV users. Current Creative Cloud subscribers should be able to download and try the app out now.

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