1901 Rodchenko leather camera strap review

July 29, 2016

1901 Rodchenko leather camera strap

The Rodchenko leather camera strap is a fitting complement to the raft of retro-styled cameras currently available. Handmade in the UK from full-grain leather, the Rodchenko is the most substantial option in 1901 Fotografi’s strap stable, with its wide shoulder pad promising ample support for heavier camera/lens combinations.

The 11mm-wide strap can be looped quite simply through the strap lugs attached to most DSLRs, or attached to smaller eyelets with the split rings that are provided. Each end is secured with two grommets, whose connecting bar is short enough for the two sides of the strap to meet and hold against each other without movement, although this can easily be released when removing the strap from the camera.

The Rodchenko also features a pair of handmade metal buckles, and the company states that these metal buckles have been modelled on those included on the straps that shipped with Olympus’s original Pen camera in the 1950s. These buckles allow the strap’s length to be adjusted between 83cm and 137cm; on most photographers, this will have the camera positioned just above the waist at its
longest extension.

The shoulder pad is finished with waterproof stitching on both sides, and although this can be easily slid down to a more comfortable position, friction holds it well into place when worn. The rear of both the strap and pad are rough textured, which results in a two-tone finish overall. Some photographers may prefer a strap with a finish that is visually similar throughout, although as 1901 Fotografi points out, the rougher finish on the inside provides a better grip when the strap is around the neck or on the shoulder.

With a black option complementing the four brown and tan finishes available, the strap should appeal to DSLR users as well as mirrorless owners, although those with enthusiast compacts will probably be better served by one of the lightweight options in the collection.

Overall, the Rodchenko should have wide appeal to discerning photographers after a strap with character.

SCORE: 4.5 out of 5

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