Photo Technique July/August 2014

June 19, 2014

Photo Technique is a magazine created by photographers for photographers who want to refine their skills to take better images. Navigating your way through Photo Technique is easy as we’ve divided each genre into colour-coded sections, whether that is landscapes, portraits, nature or travel.

In this issue we’ve got some great features lined-up for you. With such an abundance of stunning wildlife right on our doorstep, discover how you can make the most of it with our expert guide. That’s not all as we’ve got a host of other exciting techniques for you to try, including infrared landscapes, shooting patterns and textures, a street photography masterclass, and a lesson in how to capture the beauty of minimalist architecture, to name but a few.

I hope you enjoy the issue and came away inspired to get out and try some of these amazing techniques yourself! – Phil Hall, Managing Editor

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Camera Skills
Master your camera and enhance the images you take
Patterns and textures
Shooting infrared landscapes

Shoot the land creatively
Behind the picture
Winners’ cameras

Refine your skills for out in the wild – or at home
Behind the picture
British wildlife

Capture spontaneous shots on the move
Behind the picture
Bob Mazzer’s Underground
London Masterclass

Abstract, detailed or imposing
Behind the picture
Andreas Levers’ minimalist beauty

Achieve stunning people shots
Behind the picture
Dixie Dixon Q&A
Richard Tuschman’s Hopper Meditations

Essential tips when you’re on the move
Behind the picture
Jonathan Chritchley’s making waves

Inspiration, advice and help
Reader profile
Digital darkroom

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