New Waterproof camera Ricoh WG-80 Announced

May 19, 2022

Ricoh Imaging has announced the new Ricoh WG-80, a waterproof, tough, shockproof, and “breakproof” compact digital camera. It’s waterproof down to 14metres underwater, for up to two hours. There’s a 28-140mm equivalent lens, with f/3.5-5.5 aperture. There’s a 2.7inch screen and 300 shot battery life, and replaces the WG-70.

The camera features a number of underwater modes to help with white balance (and colour reproduction) underwater, and there are six LED lights around the lens to aid with macro shooting, and the new selfie mode. The ring light brightness level can now be adjusted (5-levels), and there is a self-portrait assist mode. The maximum resolution for video is FullHD, at 30fps.

Ricoh WG-80 Announced - Orange and black

Ricoh WG-80 Announced – Available in orange or black

The camera will be available from the end of May, priced at £329. If you can’t wait that long, then the Ricoh WG-6 is currently available for £329, and features a 20MP sensor, and 4K video recording.

Ricoh WG-80 key features:

  • 16MP BSI 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor
  • 5x optical zoom, 28-140mm zoom lens (35mm equivalent)
  • Tough camera body: waterproof up to 14 meters, for up to two hours, cold-resistant to -10°C, shockproof to 1.6 m and breakproof to 100 kg
  • Macro function with digital microscope function from 1cm shooting distance
  • Six LED lights for macro shooting and selfie mode, with variable light intensity
  • Supports SDXC memory cards
Ricoh WG-80 rear

New: Macro lighting via the Ring Light with a brightness that can be adjusted in five levels – With the WG-80, you can now change the brightness of the Ring Light during macro shooting. This allows you to create a three-dimensional effect and to emphasize the contrast with the background, expanding the range of shooting expressions.”

You can view Ricoh WG-80 sample photos on the Ricoh-Imaging (US) site.

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