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August 2, 2016

Letter of the Week

Letter of the Week

Letter of the Week – 30 July 2016

Shooting Little Owls

My wife and I have been pursuing a project of sorts recently, making use of a hide we built a couple of years ago on a neighbour’s farmland. This project can involve long periods of inactivity as we wait for the wildlife we know is there to get active and show up. Consequently, on the last weekend in June, I went prepared for a long session in the hide with my favourite crossword and that week’s AP (2 July issue) to read.

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Photo by Steve Thomas

I’ll confess to having opened it first, before we left home, so I knew what to expect. Nevertheless, I found myself reading Phil Hall’s test of the Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6, which was illustrated with shots of owls, while I waited in a hide with my Nikon – for little owls! This picture is a sample of the outcome, taken on a 300mm with converter. Happily, the owls did turn up so we could experience the real thing. Steve Thomas, Bedfordshire

Great photo, Steve. If you plan to be in the garden next weekend we have another feature you might like, on photographing garden birds – Nigel Atherton, Editor

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