FREE Film Guide with Amateur Photographer 19 Sept 2015

September 15, 2015

Film guide

Your guide to film

FREE Film Guide Supplement with Amateur Photographer dated 19 September 2015

Why film still matters
Harman Technology’s Steven Brierley discusses why he thinks film is experiencing a rebirth and reveals the results of his film-users survey

Films on the market
With so many films to choose from, Silverprint photographic supplies advises which one is right for you

Returning to film
Black & white film might surprise you with its creative possibilities. Ilford master printer Andrew Sanderson explains the basics

Andrew Sanderson offers a step-by-step guide and shows you just how easy it is to process your own film negatives

The Caffenol developing method
We explore an unusual coffee-based alternative to standard film developing. No milk and sugar, thanks…

Setting up a home darkroom
Photographer Steven Taylor shares his advice on how to create your own darkroom and Andrew Sanderson shows how to make your own prints

Hiring a darkroom
Our round-up of some of the best darkroom services out there

Film’s future
RPS Analogue Group chairman David Healey explains why the beauty of film should be cherished

FREE Film Guide Supplement