AP Masterclass 2010 list

February 23, 2012

AP Masterclass Series 2010

How you can take part in the Amateur Photographer Masterclass series. AP offers readers the opportunity to spend a day with a photography expert on various locations throughout the UK.

Landscape Photography with Tom Mackie – Masterclass

Tom Mackie shows three readers how to shoot and stitch fantastic panoramic images in the Yorkshire Dales. Gemma Padley joined them

Portraiture with Brett Harkenss – Masterclass

Brett Harkness shares his advice on how to capture brilliant lifestyle portraits using natural light. Gemma padley reports

Garden Photography with Clive Nichols – Masterclass

Clive Nichols and three readers visit RHS Wisley in Surrey, where Clive explains how touse texture and pattern to create stunning plant images. Gemma Padley joins them

Wildlife Photography with Paul Hobson – Masterclass

Paul Hobson explains how to achieve fantastic animal portraits in a captive setting. Gemma Padley joins them at the British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield, Surrey.

Garden Photography – with Clive Nichols – Masterclass

Clive Nichols shows four AP readers how to capture fantastic views at RHS Rosemoor in Devon. Gemma Padled joined them.

Landscape Photography with Lee Frost – Masterclass

Lee Frost and members of Alnwick & District Camera Club caputre dawn light in Northumberland. Gemma Padley joins them and finds out how to create brilliant coastal landscapes.

Street Portraiture photography with Brett Harkness – Masterclass

Brett Harkness and three AP readers travel to Newark in Nottinghamshire to photograph passers-by at the town’s historic market. Gemma Padley picked up some expert advice on how to take great candid street photographs.

Butterfly photography with Paul Hobson – Masterclass

Wildlife expert Paul Hobson shows four AP readers how to take close-up butterfly images with a twist. Gemma Padley joined them in Sheffield and picked up some useful tips for capturing these flighty, frisky insects.

Garden Photography with Clive Nichols – Masterclass

Garden expert Clive Nichols shows four readers how to combine colour texture and compsition to create plant portraits with a professional edge. Gemma Padley joined them in Cambridge and left feeling inspired.

Portrait Photography Brett Harkness – Masterclass

Brett Harkness shows three AP readers how to create fantastic portraits using off-camera flash. Gemma Padley joined them in Manchester and picked up a few tips.

Photograph Kites with Paul Hobson – Masterclass

Members of Welshpool Camera Club join wildlife photographer Paul Hobson to capture red kites at Gigrin Farm in Powys. Gemma Padley reports.

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