Ever worry about dropping your camera? Leaving it on the bus? Getting it stolen?

Some of you do…

“I was taking a shot of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco a few years ago when a single wave came from NOWHERE and over my head. It drenched my ‘weather-sealed’ Canon 7D – and I got a £250 repair bill.”

“Filming with the Red Cross water rescue team on a drill at Findhorn, I left my camera for 30 seconds to put a life-jacket on. A strong gust picks it up and drops it nose first on the ground. Cracked chassis, burst LCD, still got the shoot done but was £900 lighter in repairs.”

“I dropped my 7D onto concrete (which ripped the Sigma lens off its mount)… just as I was about to board a helicopter for a tour of New York City – a 40th birthday present from the wife. Had to fight back the tears…”

Cameras are designed to be taken out and about with you, but accidents can happen. To have the peace of mind to take your camera on those great shoots, insurance can be essential. That way, should the worst happen and your kit get damaged, or stolen, you can replace you camera and accessories easily.

That’s why we’ve been working with a well-known insurance provider to bring you what we think is a flexible and comprehensive photography insurance product, called Amateur Photographer Insurance Services, that is designed to provide cover against the eventualities you are most concerned about.

Whether you are trying to capture those precious family memories, a view you never want to forget or a simple snap, we believe that Amateur Photographer Insurance Services will be able to meet your insurance needs. The best bit about the insurance cover is that it works on a ‘pick and choose’ basis, so you can be sure that you are able to get cover that meets your needs whilst only paying for what you choose.

What you can get when you buy Amateur Photographer Insurance:

  • Options for up to £25k worth of cover
  • Up to £1m optional Public Liability cover
  • The option to protect your equipment when it is in your vehicle
  • A choice of UK, EU and Worldwide cover
  • Up to £1k worth of equipment hire whilst waiting on replacement in the event of a claim
  • No premium loading after a claim

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