Photoshop Challenge Winner Announced

February 9, 2015

Photoshop Challege

The original shot

We wanted to root out the Photoshop whizzes among our readers, and we certainly weren’t disappointed. When we set a challenge back in December for you to manipulate a shot of Vegas however you saw fit, you responded with a flurry of creative, innovative and – in some cases – deeply bizarre reinterpretations of his original image.

It was a tough job, but after much deliberation we managed to settle on our favourite…

Photoshop Challenge Winner – Little London by lm1

London-Vegas winner

Our technique and features editor Phil Hall, who supplied the original image, said of this entry: ‘This clever interpretation takes an already unusual scene of Venice recreated in Las Vegas and transposes in iconic London landmarks and tourist attractions. A strong idea – we’re sure it won’t be too long before we see the real thing on the Strip.’

Congratulations to lm1, who wins a year’s digital subscription to AP!

There were lots of great entries though, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out a few of our other favourites. In no particular order, we present the honourable runners-up:

Desert Storm by Jerry1

Desert_StormTo start, we enjoyed this bold reinterpretation by Jerry1, who flipped the image’s orientation to create a surreal desert scene.

Vaguely Vegas by Nimbus_Cloud

Vaugely_VegasNimbus_Cloud creates a much busier and darker scene than the original, drastically altering the tone of the image by removing the clear blue of the water.

Lost City by lm1

under-waterAnother entry from our winner lm1, this impressive, haunting take recasts the bustling Vegas promenade as an Atlantean dead city long lost to the depths of the ocean.

Who pulled the plug out? by Sidneystreet

Las_Vegas_plug_pulled_smallSidneyStreet pulls the plug out on Las Vegas in his simple but fun entry. The dirt, muck and overgrown life on the bottom of the ‘sink’ makes a great contrast to the assiduously clean water of the original.

Artists licence by lightfinder

Artists_licence2The term ‘painterly’ is taken to a new level by lightrider, who takes the Venetian elements in the original (the gondolas) as inspiration to make the image part of a larger street scene.

Las Vegas launch of Lagoona 1 by King Kenny

Las_Vegas_launch_of_Lagoona_21And finally, King Kenny decides that the best way to improve the scene is to launch the tower into orbit. The reflection is a nice touch.

To see all the entries, take a look at the full gallery here. Thanks again to everyone who submitted an image!