Look away now if you’re squeamish – Thomas Mailaender’s project involves projecting images onto people with UV lamps


The book by Thomas Mailaender, titled Illustrated People, involves the translation of 23 original negatives from the Archive of Modern Conflict’s collection.

Mailaender applied them to the skin of his models, then projected a powerful UV lamp over them, thereby revealing an image on the skin.

He then photographed these images before they faded away and disappeared in the sunlight.

Check out a selection of some more of the images below:







The UV lamp Mailaender used to create the images


You can see more from Illustrated People at the RVB Books website. If you want to see more of Mailaender’s projects, you can find him at thomasmailaender.com.

We’re trying to think if we’ve encountered any stranger experimental photography projects than this one – if you think of any, let us know!