Amateur Photographer welcomes the submission of photographs and articles in AP, on our website and social media. Find out here how to submit to Amateur Photographer.


Maenporth Coast Path, Cornwall. Nikon D800E, 105mm 105mm 1/25sec at f/11, ISO 100, tripod remote release. Photo by Andy Reid

There are various sections of Amateur Photographer magazine and website that you can submit work to. Below we detail the different areas you can submit to and how to send in your images. Any images or text you submit might be used in the magazine or online.

How to submit to Amateur Photographer

Reader portfolio

We feature a selection of your best pictures in Reader Portfolio every week sponsored by Manfrotto.

How to submit:

Send your images to ‘Reader Portfolio’ the address at the bottom of this page. If you are sending a CD of high-res images, transparencies or slides by post, you will need to fill in a submission form and also include a contact sheet. Your photographs should be high-resolution JPEG, TIFF or PSD images (at least 2480 pixels along its longest length). Well-packaged prints or slides (without glass mounts) should be sent by Special Delivery, with a return SAE.

Email a selection of low-res images (up to 5MB of attachments in total) to the AP picture desk. Please don’t forget to include a daytime telephone number, address and email address so we can contact you. Submissions should contain no more than 20 images, preferably on a similar theme.

Post your pictures on our Facebook page, Flickr groupInstagram or the folder called Reader gallery on our website. How to upload to the gallery.

See our Portfolio webpage



Viewpoint – 15 May 2015 issue

Do you have something you’d like to get off your chest? Send us your thoughts in around 500 words to the address below or email using the heading ‘Viewpoint’. Please include your name, address and daytime telephone number.

Each published viewpoint will receive a year’s digital subscription to AP, worth £79.99



Inbox – 16 May 2015 issue

Share your views and opinions with fellow AP readers every week on the AP Inbox pages.

Write to ‘Inbox’ at the address below or email us using the heading ‘Inbox’. Please include your name, address and daytime telephone number.

See our letter of the week page

Online picture of the week

Online pic of the week

Online picture of the week – 16 May 2105 issue of Amateur Photographer

Each week we will choose our favourite picture posted on the AP Facebook page, Twitter @ap_magazine, Flickr communities, Instagram and the AP Reader Gallery using #appicoftheweek. The winning image will be printed in the opening pages of AP and in our online gallery. The winner will receive a top-quality professional print by PermaJet.

Features/features ideas


Features – 16 May 2015 issue

Send your article using no more than 1500 words and supporting images for feature ideas to ‘Features Department’ at the address below or email using the heading ‘Features’. They can be about any subject and focus on any genre of photography. Features with an interesting story or a strong technique angle will stand a much better chance of being considered.

Book Reviews

Book reviews

Book review – 15 May 2015 issue

Submit your book for review to ‘Features Department’, at the address below. Or email using the heading ‘Book reviews’.

APOY competition

Amateur Photographer of the Year 2014

Round 5 Dawn & Dusk
Winter sunset over the Vancouver skyline

Amateur Photographer of the Year 2017 – Your chance to enter the UK’s most prestigious competition for amateur photographers – sponsored by Sigma. Each round is announced in the first issue of the month and the results are published in the last issue of the month. They are also published on the website and Facebook and Twitter. Full details on how to enter APOY 2017 are availble on our APOY 2017 page.

Forum competition

Forum competition

Previous monthly forum competitions

Take part and enter our monthly forum competition. To find out how to enter, visit our forum competition page. Each month readers are asked to produce an image that fits a particular theme. The top three images are chosen and the winner will have their image featured within the magazine.

AP answers

Technical support

Technical support – 16 May issue 2015

Email your questions or post them on Twitter @ap_magazine, using the hashtag #AskAP, or AP Facebook page. Or write to ‘Technical Support’ at the address below.

Uploading to the gallery

AP reader gallery

AP reader gallery

To upload to our reader gallery you need to become a member of the AP forum. You can register here.

How to upload to the gallery

Visit the reader gallery

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