Accessory maker Kenko – not to be confused with Kenro or indeed Kenco – has released a motorised flash head that automatically determines the optimum angle for bounce flash, like the Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI. The Kenko AB600-R incorporates an ‘AI’ Auto-Bounce function to work out the best angle of light bounce from the wall (left or right side) or from the ceiling.

“This function is invaluable for wedding photographers or anyone shooting portraits to a tight schedule,” says UK distributor, Intro2020. An Auto Lock function also remembers this angle when the camera is turned from horizontal to vertical format. The unit has a maximum guide number 60 (ISO 100 at 200mm), and the built-in radio transmitting and receiving unit allows a master flash to control the bounce angle of the slave flash remotely.


The light coverage angle, meanwhile, is equal to the 18-200mm range, with 18mm achieved when used with the wide diffuser panel. Power comes from 4 AA batteries, with an optional battery pack for longer shooting sessions and faster recycling times. The Nikon version is available immediately for £399, with Canon and Sony versions to follow. See