With Christmas fast approaching we’ve picked some of our favourite stocking fillers for the photographer in your life (yes, that includes you too!)

Lastolite Collapsible ReflectorLastolite Collapsible Reflector

Price: £14

Website: www.manfrotto.co.uk

This 30cm sunlite/soft example offers a double-coated reflective surface and collapses to a third of its original size.

PNY The Outdoor Charger

PNY The Outdoor Charger

Price: £25

Website: www.pny.com

Keep all your mobile devices charged with this water-resistant powerbank.

COOPH t-shirt

Photography T-shirt

Price: £33

Website: www.cooph.co.uk

COOPH stocks a wide range of some of the best photography-themed T-shirts on the market. A great gift for the photographer in your life.

Camera cufflinksCamera cufflinks

Price: £13

Website: www.amazon.co.uk

A subtle hint for your love of photography. Many different varieties, both old and new, can be found online.

Chocolate cameraChocolate camera

Price: £35

Website: www.thechocolateworkshop.co.uk

This full-size vintage 35mm Nikon SLR is the perfect sweet treat for photographers. It tastes as good as it looks.

Camera Pencil SharpenerCamera pencil sharpener

Price: £10

Website: www.amazon.co.uk

This vintage twin-lens reflex camera is a pencil sharpener in disguise and has a built-in drawer to collect shavings.

Zeiss lens cleaning spray
Zeiss lens cleaning spray

Price: £9

Website: www.wexphotovideo.com

Effectively removes smudges, fingerprints, dirt, water or oil stains from your lenses. The pack includes 2x60ml bottles of cleaning spray and a microfibre cloth.

Lens Kitchen Timer

Lens kitchen timer

Price: £8

Website: www.nuku.co.uk

Add a photo-themed lens timer to your kitchen with this fun yet practical stocking filler.

Build your own pinhole camera

Build your own pinhole camera

Price: £40

Website: www.notonthehighstreet.com

The VIDERE is a 35mm pinhole camera that has been developed into a do-it-yourself kit, so you can take your own pinhole photographs.

Clash of the Cameras Top Trumps

Clash of the Cameras Top Trumps

Price: £9

Website: www.amazon.co.uk

These playing cards allow photography fans to play famous cameras off against each other in a classic trump card game. It contains 36 illustrated cards.