7 camera adverts they definitely wouldn’t make today

March 31, 2014

1. Mark Hamill uses a Kodak camera to harrass women

And gets away with it too.

2. Polaroid invites you to meet ‘The Swinger’

Yep. ‘The Swinger’.

Given that it was the 60s, one does have to wonder if the connotations were deliberate…

3. David Bailey shills (not very convincingly) for Olympus

Judging by his delivery here, it seems that being trapped in an Olympus ad from the Eighties is David Bailey’s own personal idea of hell.

4. The Kodak Instamatic is marketed to cheap husbands

Quote: “There’s no finer gift for any wife this Christmas than a Kodak Instamatic camera all of her own.”


“It costs less than $40.”

Nailed it.

5. A Canon Photura causes a sexy bomb scare

Unable to deceipher the meaning or purpose of a passenger’s Canon Photura (fair enough), these two vaguely European airport security officals are forced to seductively detain him.

6. All hail the flash cube

Another hit for the Kodak Instamatic, complete with some awesome 60s dancing. Lomography are probably testing their own four-way flash cube as we speak.

7. Ozzie knows the ladies love a Kodak Starmatic

Some solid dating advice here.

Apparently when you’re taking a picture of a pretty girl these days, you don’t even need to explain what you’re doing, says Ozzie: ‘Just aim and snap; she’ll get the idea.’

Wonders never cease

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