6 unexpected ways that the selfie phenomenon has made all of our lives worse

April 4, 2014

1. People are ridiculously endangering themselves in the name of a good selfie

That is a video account of a man grabbing a selfie while being charged by a herd of rampaging bulls. This was taken at the Houston Bull Run in Texas and posted on Reddit under the caption ‘selfie level 11 achieved’.

Meanwhile, Russian people dangle from buildings and the only comment we can muster up is ‘extreme selfie!’. Shame on all of us.

2. Loads of stupid people are taking selfies while driving

In a recent search of the whole of Instagram, the Huffington Post found more than 3 million images tagged with ‘#driving’, and more than 3500 tagged more specifically with ‘#drivingselfie’.

Some free advice from your friends at AP: NEVER DO THIS.

3. A bunch of us spent $1.5million so that we could take selfies in space

‘A space selfie,’ says the world’s most redundant Wikipedia page, ‘is a selfie… that is taken in space.’ That’s cleared that up.

However, it appears that this is no longer necessarily true. The ARKYD, recently crowdfunded to the tune of $1.5million, is a crowd-controlled high-powered telescope that will, for $25, let you snap a picture of yourself “in space” without actually having to leave the house.

Take a look at how it works here while you ruminate upon all the wonderful, needful things that $1.5million could have been spent on.

4. Also, teenagers are giving each other nits

Image: Wikimedia Commons

At least, according to one expert. Apparently the habit of crushing their heads together for a quick selfie is a plausible cause of a recent headlice outbreak among American teenagers.

5. Selfies have destroyed art, literally

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Staff of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera got a nasty shock one morning after discovering that during the night an unidentified student had climbed onto a 19th Century copy of a statue called ‘Drunken Satyr’ in a quest to take a cultured selfie, and promptly snapped one of its legs off. You can see pictures of the amputated artwork at Corriere della Sera.

6. No one has any respect for tragedy any more

Take a moment to appreciate Plane Crash Selfie Man:

And Plane Crash Selfie Woman:

There’s a wealth of more selfie tastelessness over on Selfies at Serious Places.

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