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Compass camera

Compact, clever and too complicated the Compass was a challenge, as John Wade discovers

how to digitise photos and slides

Thought about digitising your archive of old prints or negs? Follow John Wade's expert tips and advice on how best to go about it

Kate Hopewell-Smith visual storytelling

Sometimes, we need to consider making big changes. Tracy Calder talks to three photographers who embraced change - be it camera systems or their very…

Headshots clamshell lighting set-up

We visit the studio of professional portrait photographer Chris Bailey to see how he shoots headshots using Rotolight's AEOS and NEO 2 LEDs

Photography insurance. It’s probably one of those things you know you need, but perhaps haven’t got around to sorting yet. You’d be forgiven for concentrating…

Rode Wireless Go

Looking for a Christmas gift for a photographer friend - or for yourself? Andy Westlake and Michael Topham have selected some awesome accessories for you…


Keen to get a more distinctive look for your images, with more 'cinematic' colours and tones? As Geoff Harris explains, it's time to fall in…