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Z-1P: TTL flash metering question

Discussion in 'Pentax Chat' started by Treve, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Treve

    Treve New Member

    Hi there!

    I'm hoping you can help with this one?

    Does anyone know how the Z-1P handles TTL flash metering when the subject is off-centre?

    What metering mode does the camera use to ensure correct exposure of the subject? I understand that other brands such as Canon take a reflected reading from the film, split into a number of zones.

    I assume that the Z-1P can only use it's matrix metering when taking pictures without flash? If this is the case, how is the correct exposure of an off-centre subject achieved?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. johnmcd

    johnmcd Well-Known Member

    Having looked at the instructions for AF360GZ flashgun it says that TTL flash metering for all Pentaxes ( except the MZS ) is done off the film plane. I can't find any mention however as to what method it uses apart from that. Someone must know. Have you tried emailing Pentax direct ? Sorry can't be much more help here.
  3. Treve

    Treve New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Will do.
    Have a nice weekend!
  4. johnmcd

    johnmcd Well-Known Member

    I got a reply form Pentax on this one. They said that it is an off the plane film sensor housed in the camera body so the metering mode has no effect it doesn't use the normal sensors it's straight TTL flash as we suspected.
  5. Treve

    Treve New Member

    Thanks for that!

    Presumably, this takes a single "average" reading of the light reflected off the film, whereas Canons (such as the EOS 50E) split this reading into 3 zones?

    In theory then, the Canon should give a better flash exposure of an off centre subject?

    Thanks for your help & Merry Christmas!
  6. johnmcd

    johnmcd Well-Known Member

    They didn't say whether it splits it or not it's just a different sensor from the normal metering system. If my experience with the Pentax MZ5 using an AF400FTZ flash is anything to go by then it's flash exposure is absolutley perfect much better than normal metering. I know that sounds a bit rich but I've never been able to fault it even with slide film. I've not taken flash pictures with the Z1P yet so I don't know how it will compare.

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