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Youtube reasons for and against........

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by Steve52, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Steve52

    Steve52 Well-Known Member

    the Sony A77.

    Came across these youtube clips:

    Top 6 reasons NOT to buy a Sony A77; and Top 5 reasons TO buy the Sony A77.

    Both by the same guy. Interestingly, his website, from what I can make out, is just Nikon and Canon.
  2. Mosstrooper

    Mosstrooper Well-Known Member

    We should pay attention to what these Pro's say.

  3. P_Stoddart

    P_Stoddart Well-Known Member

    He seems conflicted to me. :D

    Plus one of the posters on there is correct Nigel Baker (British pro fashion photographer) uses a Sony A900 for alot of work.

    He has used Pentax 645 as well.

    So reason 5 against is in the toilet. :)
  4. Molendinar

    Molendinar Well-Known Member

    He seems irrelevant to me. :p

    Has anyone with a load of gear invested in one brand from time immemorial (well, Minolta days :D), ever been convinced to change brands entirely, due to the features of one new camera body? Doubt it.

    And if you have only a point'n'shoot, and are considering 'moving up' to DSLR/T, are you likely to pick the A77, when there are much cheaper alternatives available, which probably meet your needs better? Doubt it.

    So who exactly is this chap hoping to convince? Either way? Sounding off to hear his own voice, more like. Ah, the internet. God bless its little cotton socks :D

    Never mind. I like my A77, and that's what's important to me, not internet pundits. Always make up your own mind...
  5. Steve52

    Steve52 Well-Known Member

    I mailed him with my reasons for liking the A77 (IMHO, amazing). His reply was that he is waiting for one to arrive in Canada (where he is based). So I can only assume that he was either given one to play with (unlikely) or he based his review just on the specification (most probably).:D
  6. frank1

    frank1 Well-Known Member

    Why do you care what this guy thinks. Who is he, I'd never have known about the guy and even if I did. What he says would not influence any decisions I made on my buying choices.

    Especially as like you I'm an Alpha user mainly because I was a Minolta one. So my choice are going to be based on my lens selection.

    I would say forget what this guy is saying and go out and enjoy your new camera you lucky bugger ya. I'm still using the Alpha 100 got a long way to go as far as the A77 is concerned.

    I get the feeling you might be trying to justify the cost of the camera to yourself and perhaps looking for rave reviews. If that's not the case but you find you don't like the camera. You can pass it on to me, I can be found at www. me@criminally poor.boohoo. Failing that any arch around Waterloo
  7. Molendinar

    Molendinar Well-Known Member

    Well, he's doubly silly then - let's just ignore him! :p

    My A77 and I are off to Scotland tomorrow .. it's serious try-out time, woo hoo! :D
  8. Mosstrooper

    Mosstrooper Well-Known Member

    The Snow tops start at The Cobbler & Ben Lomond.
    This photo taken yesterday from My Hill.

  9. P_Stoddart

    P_Stoddart Well-Known Member

    lucky b*gger. :D

    Weather suppose to quite good down here.
  10. Molendinar

    Molendinar Well-Known Member

    Ooh, fab! I'll be in based in Perthshire, and striking out in various directions therefrom, so hope to see a few snowy tops here & there.
  11. Mosstrooper

    Mosstrooper Well-Known Member

    I guess you will be looking at this then "Queens View Pitlochry" with a white capped
    Schehallion up the end there. Its a good area to be in, don't forget Bruar Falls just up the road a bit.

  12. Alex1994

    Alex1994 Well-Known Member

    Yes, he does seem particularly fond of those brands, although he also has a Sigma lens section!

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