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Your thoughts about 99Tek site,

Discussion in 'Web Sites of Interest' started by 99tekcloud, Apr 11, 2016.


what do you think.

  1. i wouldnt use it.

  2. i prefer other sites.

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  3. i would use 99tek its great.

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  4. its ok.

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  1. 99tekcloud

    99tekcloud New Member

    I got my first SLR a couple of years back D100 great camera , and after taking lots of photos i started to struggle on how to store them, all websites had there pro and cons, i must have spent weeks going through different sites trying them,
    and finding something what i needed myself was hard, im not sure about yourself, but i found the following problems
    ether restricted on upload size or you could upload your photos but you was restricted downloading them all again ,
    or you would upload them and the quality would be reduced, couldn't keep them private or couldn't share them ,the list kept going for me, then when i started looking into Raw photos that just made it worse ,

    in the end i got that fed up i decided to make my own site,
    however i do I.T myself so i thought i could combine my two hobbies in one
    so i created a site what is primary used for backup purposes but also acts as a great photo media sharing site, also supports mp4 mp3 just in case :)
    you can keep everything private,
    you can watermark your photos before you send the url link to friends ect,
    share your photos or selected ones with the url link provided.
    password protect folders, create as many as you want inc sub folders, so all your events can be easy named,
    it will give you full previews of your photos,
    and play your videos and mp3 within the browser itself,

    you can upload RAW however the preview functions for Raw do not work just yet, i do want to push for this in updates soon.

    the server is a dedicated server and it does not have any of them annoying adds.
    because its a private server normally i create accounts myself, there is no sign up process reason is to have real people using the server only.

    even though its primary use is for personal and business backup its a great site to store your photos with its functions,
    i do have a fully working demo account setup for people to log in and test it out,
    there is No sign up forms just log straight in, i would like your thoughts on this also if possible.

    you can log in direct here www.server3.99tek.com
    user name demo123
    password demo123

    main information can be found below
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/99Tekcloud/

    Many thanks

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