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Your opinions welcomed

Discussion in 'Personal Portfolio Sites' started by Brian_Duffy, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Brian_Duffy

    Brian_Duffy Well-Known Member

    Pretty new to the website creation lark, but I would welcome anyone's constructive comments about the site and the images.


    Cheers, Brian
  2. TomG

    TomG Well-Known Member

    Hi Brian,

    I'm guessing the images are scanned in? They seem pretty washed out to me, I would look to either sort that in photoshop or rescan them in.

    Also, regarding the coding, your site relies on the browser to resize images which isn't a good thing, it makes images look jagged and also means the browser is downloading bigger files than is needed. Eg:

    here is the picture: http://www.brianduffy.co.uk/Digital-Media.jpg

    and here is the code that links to it:

    Code:<pre>&lt;img src="Digital-Media.jpg" alt="UV Tulip" border="0" height="250" width="382"&gt;</pre>

    Two things there actually, the image is 538*352 so you're stretching its width and shrinking its height all in the browser window, try resizing the images properly before uploading, or deleting the height and width code.

    Another thing, all the images I saw used the same alt text ;)

    Overall a nice simple website design and some nice photos, just let down by some poor scans and dodgy resizing :)
  3. Repton

    Repton Well-Known Member

    Some nice shots but a few of the horizons do seem to need straightening up a bit.
  4. gouranga

    gouranga Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest simple viewer for your gallery, it is flash based but it's a breeze to update your gallery. Some images do look a little washed out, but that's something photoshop could sort I guess :)
  5. gouranga

    gouranga Well-Known Member

    I didn't want to appear negative Brian, I hope you didn't think that. There are some beautiful images on there, more-so in the landscapes!!

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