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Young Photographer needs advice.

Discussion in 'Personal Portfolio Sites' started by nikihphotography, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. nikihphotography

    nikihphotography New Member

    I have just updated my photography website and I just thought I would ask for everyone's opinions?


    Thanks for your help!!
    Niki (16)
  2. Hi Niki

    I'm an enthusiastic amateur at the other end of the age scale -I'm retired !

    I think your site is good. It's interesting and inviting. The only is it seems to be running a bit slow - but that may be my internet connection.

    I've just started a site:www.miketurleyphotography.com. Have a look as we share a strong interest in dogs!

    Good luck for the future.
  3. Dan Spratt Photography

    Dan Spratt Photography Active Member

    I really like the top nav bar. Did you make the site yourself? It does run slightly slow but I think it is just the high res images really. I am close to you living in Leeds currently.
    I have signed your guest book, keep up the good work. A lot of photographers haven't picked up a camera at your age, so use this to your advantage early on.

    Check out my new blog if you want to see a few tips and techniques I use. Updated daily.

  4. Roy5051

    Roy5051 Well-Known Member

    Like the pigeon (sorry Dove)
  5. nikihphotography

    nikihphotography New Member

    Nope I didn't make the website myself as I used a basic template (really need to learn how to make them though!)
    Hopefully I will be replacing everything with lower res photo's in the next holiday as it will take ages to replace them all so the website should run faster soon.
    Thanks for the guestbook post! :)

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