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Yet Another Bit

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by JMACNALLY, Mar 14, 2004.



    Couldn't resist this as it has been in the shop window for over a year gradually lowering in price. Made an offer on Friday. Tele-Tessar 350mm f5.6 CT* - Guess the price?

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  2. TimF

    TimF With as stony a stare as ever Lord Reith could hav


    Tim BSRIPN
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  3. parisian

    parisian Well-Known Member

    A bit more than that Tim it appears to take 35mm as well/img/wwwthreads/smile.gif
    Actual guess a £ per mm say £350

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  4. mikecurrie

    mikecurrie New Member

  5. BigWill

    BigWill Gorgeous oversensitive Nikon-loving cream puff

    Gettin' a Scotsman to part with £350! You must be joking! Actually I reckon it's not a lens at all and that it's the nosecone off an exocet missile! /img/wwwthreads/wink.gif


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    Re: Yet Another Bit - Answer

    Parisian was correct £1 per mm = £349 (£1 off for slight dent in hood). Haven't used it yet, waiting for a chance to get out in decent weather. Did buy a nice aluminium case just the right size, B&Q £11.

    And, Big Will, money is no object when it comes to what Victor H has been making for me all these years!

    <font color=purple>Johnmac</font color=purple>
    Shoot pictures, blow-up negs

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