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Ye Olde Fireplace

Discussion in 'Appraisal Gallery' started by Fen, May 6, 2014.

  1. Fen

    Fen Well-Known Member

  2. southonline

    southonline Well-Known Member

    beautiful photo fen, did you dress the mantle ?

    I really love old fireplaces and with the brick wall it ticks all the boxes...great find

    All you need now is one of your Steampunk guys standing next to it
  3. Fen

    Fen Well-Known Member

    Nope, was already like that. :)

    Couldn't believe my luck when I saw it. The light coming through the window felt right as well.

    That's the plan... or a lovely Steampunk Lady...
  4. southonline

    southonline Well-Known Member

    looking forward to seeing that - I've just done an image search on the place what an amazing building and that front door... wow
  5. miked

    miked Well-Known Member

    Lovely atmospheric image and one I don't think could be much improved othertha perhaps a few long-faded blooms in the pot to the right of the mantelpiece. But certainly a keeper.
  6. alfbranch

    alfbranch Well-Known Member

    That is gret shot.
  7. Parsen66

    Parsen66 Well-Known Member

    Yup it's a good 'un for sure. Has a very spooky feel about it.

    Dare I say though that it's a shame the left side is not black to match the right side?
  8. southonline

    southonline Well-Known Member

    risky... been nice knowing you :D
  9. Parsen66

    Parsen66 Well-Known Member

    I'll get my coat........
  10. Fen

    Fen Well-Known Member

    More than happy to hear suggestions...

    Why? I was being so nice...

    I'll light the fire... ;)

    Here is an edit with darker sides...

  11. Ffolrord

    Ffolrord Well-Known Member

    A striking image, I prefer the second version. I think it would have been better from a slightly lower angle in order to shoot with the camera level - there are diverging verticals here. There looks to be a bit of barrel distortion too. Both can be corrected in pp.
  12. southonline

    southonline Well-Known Member

    it was meant as a joke Fen hence the smiley face afterwards
  13. Parsen66

    Parsen66 Well-Known Member

    Second version has real atmosphere about it, like it loads.
  14. Fen

    Fen Well-Known Member

    No worries so was I :)
  15. Suki Marva

    Suki Marva In the Stop Bath

    I love this. Absolutely full of atmosphere.

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