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XT3 battery depleting in camera not in use.

Discussion in 'Fujifilm Cameras' started by mikeparker59, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. mikeparker59

    mikeparker59 Well-Known Member

    Had a new XT3 at start of year, and recently noticed battery was flat after camera being unused for a few weeks. Didn’t really think much of it at time but began to notice battery does seem to discharge in camera faster than out. So last night I experimented by putting a different fully charged battery in camera. This morning it’s showing 96% so lost 4% overnight. Camera is switched off on table so no chance it was accidentally switched on by being moved. Is this normal for this camera? I certainly didn’t notice this behaviour with xe 1 or xt10 I had previously?

  2. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    In camera battery depletion is a mysterious thing. My Fuji cameras (XE-2 and XH-1) do not suffer excessively from it. My Canon 5Ds suffers terribly and will lose 10% per day. It has had a complete motherboard replacement for another problem and still loses 10% per day. My 5D didn't lose much until after 8 years of use when the original battery was pretty worn. My 1Div doesn't lose any that I have noticed - I can go months between charging it.

    Google (mainly for Canon where I have the problem) brings up forum pleas from individuals owning examples of almost all camera models showing similar problems. I have never seen an answer/explanation - the bulk of responses are "mine doesn't". So I think it is one of those things. I have 3 batteries for my 5Ds and it is definitely the camera as all deplete at the same rate when in the camera and not in use. Turning it off makes no difference. If it is left on and self-times out then the depletion is no greater.

    Best thing is to get into the mindset of charging the battery (and a spare) the day before use and not to worry about it. All batteries will self-discharge at some rate. Don't let the battery completely discharge in this way if you can help it. It is a nuisance. On my Canon 5Ds the camera thinks the batteries are "knackered" as it monitors discharge. My battery with condition "red", if used from full charge in a day, still meets the specs on number of shots per charge. It is a shame that the charger does not have a "recondition" option that resets the chip.
  3. mikeparker59

    mikeparker59 Well-Known Member

    Pete Rob Thanks for your detailed response. I too have a Canon a 60D which I bought new and still use the original battery and can leave it in camera for weeks with very little drainage. Once had an Olympus OM2Sp that would drain its little silver cells in a couple of days , so always took those out after each shoot . Apparently it was a know fault with some copies of that camera.
    I have spare batteries for the Fuji both genuine Fuji and one generic (ExPro). I must admit I can’t be absolutely certain if it’s just the one fuji battery that’s caused the issue as I only noticed it recently, actually since the last firmware update, that I carried out about a month ago. Last night I contacted Fuji support to see if it could be firmware related or issue with camera which is repairable under warranty, though tbh I don’t really want to send a new camera for repair !
    Last night I installed the ExPro having charged to 100%. This morning it’s still showing 100% whereas Fuji had lost 4% in similar time frame. I’m going to check again this evening, the Fuji had lost 10% of its charge in 24 hours, so be interesting to see how ExPro battery fares. I’ve also charged all my batteries fully and intend doing same experiment to rule out a Fuji battery problem.
  4. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    Yes it could be that batteries vary in their internal discharge rate and it's not the camera.

    If I put a grip (OEM) on my canon it shares the draw across the batteries and they both deplete at half the rate of a single battery, so it's definitely the camera. Fuji grip (XH-1) uses batteries sequentially so wouldn't be a test.
  5. mikeparker59

    mikeparker59 Well-Known Member

    Sent camera in for repair under warranty on 30 Oct. returned today 15 Nov so about 2 week turnaround. Main circuit board was changed under warranty. Fingers now crossed !
  6. Terrywoodenpic

    Terrywoodenpic Well-Known Member

    There are so many places in a digitalcamera and battery that could generate a charge leak. That one can hardly be surprised that it sometimes happens. I suspect batteries are the most common problem, but am not surprised that Fuji chose to replace the main board as an easy possible fix.
  7. mikeparker59

    mikeparker59 Well-Known Member

    The camera was returned with battery showing 100% and still at 100% a few hours later. In the evening I popped my spare in which I noted had 96% showing before I sent camera away, when I put it in I was expecting it to be either the same or maybe 1% lower but it actually showed 100% ! Anyway I left it in and messed around with camera a bit looking at settings etc. Before I went to bed it was showing 93% and is still on 93% this morning, so far it appears ok as previously this and the other batteries I have all lost between 4 & 6% overnight. Just have to fire up my pc and restore my settings from the backup file now.

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