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XT 4 Hopes & Dreams

Discussion in 'Fujifilm Cameras' started by Mark101, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Mark101

    Mark101 Well-Known Member

    I know it may not be due until the latter part of 2020, but what are your hopes and dreams for the new XT4?
  2. mikeparker59

    mikeparker59 Well-Known Member

    Currently have XT3 so unlikely to upgrade but a fully articulated screen would be nice. Have one on my Canon and so much more useful than the tilt type Fuji use. Stiffer on off button slightly recessed again like my canon as it’s just too easy to accidentally switch camera on when putting in bag. Prefer flash to be built in rather than add on as it’s easily lost, not that I use it much. Improved continuous/tracking focus.
  3. mikeparker59

    mikeparker59 Well-Known Member

    The current way of creating a new folder is a bit confusing in that it doesn’t show up In menu after creation until you take a shot, so a change to show the folder as soon as created in the menu system and also the option of allowing the camera to automatically create a new folder each day
  4. mikeparker59

    mikeparker59 Well-Known Member

    A decent built in GPS geotagging option like on a mobile phone.
  5. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    My inbox has the launch announcement. The X-T4 spec looks like an update to the X-H1 in a slightly smaller body and at not such an aspirational price.
  6. mikeparker59

    mikeparker59 Well-Known Member

    Yes just read some details, Some worthwhile changes but camera starting to get bigger unfortunately to fit the ibis and larger battery in, also battery charger and flash appear to be extras ! Admittedly I’ve never used the flash supplied with my XT3. You have to charge the battery in camera Like charging a mobile phone, so whilst charging you can’t use it, surely for a $1600 camera it’s not too much to ask for a battery charger, most serious photographers will have spare battery it two. Fuji being a bit greedy there like Canon not supplying lens hoods with their lenses but charging extortionate prices for 10p of plastic !
  7. Mark101

    Mark101 Well-Known Member

    Just seen the Kai review
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  8. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    Possibly, the best camera reviewer alive :) ... thanks for the share, Mark :)
  9. ChrisNewman

    ChrisNewman Well-Known Member

    I had thought that if I wanted to get a quality APS-C outfit from scratch, Fujifilm have by far the best set of lenses. But I’d have been frustrated at having to buy the XH-1 to get IBIS, despite the XT-3 being more attractive in most respects, and with a better sensor. I assumed the solution would come as an XH-2, but this XT-4 seems to combine the best of both, with IBIS in a smaller and less expensive body than the XH-1. Well done Fujifilm - about time too!

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