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XG2 1st Timer

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by Jedi, May 2, 2002.

  1. Jedi

    Jedi Active Member

    Hi all,

    Just got a Minolta XG2 so I though I'd say hi. It's my first SLR and I love it, not bad nick - slight crack in the body and the X sync terminal is bust, but nice and cheap for a poor student like myself.

    Does anyone know where I can get a user guide/manual for it, I have tried looking through the posts but they appear blank if I go back from the first index page <img src="/img/wwwthreads/frown.gif">


  2. RonM

    RonM Alpha Napper


    Try this site where you can download manuals they have the XG-1, 7, A & M, but for some reason not the 2, mind you this could be due to the differences between numbering of European market and US.
    The link is http://www.henrys.com/manuals/

    Hope this is of help.

    /img/wwwthreads/smile.gif<font color=blue>RonM FRIPN</font color=blue>
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  3. Haybee

    Haybee Well-Known Member

    Previous post

    Hi David
    To see posts before page 0 click "Edit Profile"above, go to "Display preferences" then increase "Total Parent posts to show" from its default 10 to 50 or 100 or a zillion if you prefer. Its just a little bug in the board.
  4. Jedi

    Jedi Active Member

    Thanks Ab & RonM,

    I've had a look on the manuals site, but the links were broken, did manage to get the XG1 from Minolta USA though...(&lt;A HREF="http://://www.minoltausa.com/eprise/main/MinoltaUSA/MUSAContent/CPG/CPG_Manual/CPG_ManualDetail/X_Series_XG_1)"&gt;http://://www.minoltausa.com/eprise...CPG/CPG_Manual/CPG_ManualDetail/X_Series_XG_1)&lt;/A&gt; and it seems almost identical.

    Many hours of happy surfing to go now on the old posts!

  5. Canonball

    Canonball Well-Known Member

    I think you're right there, Ron. The XG-2, XG-7 & XG-E all seem to be the same camera with different names for different markets, just to confuse us. (I know, that don't take much! /img/wwwthreads/smile.gif)

  6. Haybee

    Haybee Well-Known Member

    Re: Previous post

    I lied about the zillion bit, the maximum is 999, but that should keep you busy for a while

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