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www.steveturnbull.com - revised website

Discussion in 'Personal Portfolio Sites' started by Steve1401, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Steve1401

    Steve1401 Member


    Please do have a look at www.steveturnbull.com

    I've recently altered settled on this as my website after trying various CMS and Blog packages such as Typo3 and WordPress: it's a Google Blogger site. Blogger has much improved in recent times and seeing as I use Google to store my photos (I'm luck in that I have an old $20/y for 80GB deal!!) it makes it dead easy to share them out and post.

    Hope you like it. As well as my pictures, I'm going to be posting 'usability-for-my-needs' type reviews of my equipment and descriptions and thoughts on my photography book collection which is steadily growing...


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