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World Film Photography Day

Discussion in 'Web Sites of Interest' started by Ben78, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Ben78

    Ben78 Well-Known Member

    The first ever World Film Photography Day (WFPD) is to be held on 20th March 2008.

    This will be an opportunity for photographers to go out on the same day, shoot some film, and within the following four weeks post one of their resulting images on the WFPD website.

    Although it can be said that every day is a photography day it is intended that this one day will help to achieve four things:
    · to celebrate all that film photography has to offer,
    · to bring together film enthusiasts on the same day for a single purpose,
    · to encourage the use of film for new photographers and digital converts,
    · and to keep the film market alive for future generations to enjoy.

    It is also anticipated that many photographic manufacturers, retailers, magazines and organizations, as well as other photo forums, will also come on board and participate in and support the day.

    The WFPD website includes a free to use mini-forum which is open now, and is the place where images taken on the day may be posted (in a dedicated section that will open for posting one month from the 20th March). As well as a growing links section and a new area for film related articles, there are numerous additional features planned for the site during the year.

    The WFPD Calendar:
    1st March 2008 – Start of general run-up to WFPD.
    20th March 2008 – World Film Photography Day. Get out and shoot some film! Also the image sharing forums will open on the website.
    20th March to 20th April 2008 – Time to develop, scan, and post an image on the site or with one of the participating forums.

    Further information plus contact details may be found on the site at http://www.worldfilmphotoday.org

    Please note: This site is run and organised by myself and this thread has been started with the kind permission of AP forum admin.

  2. Mojo_66

    Mojo_66 Well-Known Member

    Cheers Zen, looks interesting, think I'll need reminding nearer the time though :D
  3. cleo_bug

    cleo_bug New Member

    Hey that sounds really good! Like wise on the reminder thing tho!
  4. Ben78

    Ben78 Well-Known Member

    Cool! Yep, I'll post a reminder thread in the events section closer to the day! :)

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