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Wildlife Photography site/blog/thing

Discussion in 'Web Sites of Interest' started by alexeames, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. alexeames

    alexeames Member

    I have recently started putting together a website (and despite being part of a web design company) using zenfolio.

    Alex Eames Wildlife

    It essentially a showcase gallery but i'm also trying to provide useful information based upon my experience (what little there is anyway!), i'm not too keen on the look of the site at the minute and i will get round to improving it, but its just so much easier to manage on zenfolio.

    Anyone interested in wildlife might be interested to have a peek at the wildlife photography guides page, i have essentially just put together a selection of information on several species based on my experience including techniques, kit and locations.

    let me know what you think!
  2. alexeames

    alexeames Member

    Just occurred to me i might have posted this in the wrong place now i've spotted the personal portfolio section.

    apologies if thats the case!
  3. Jburley89

    Jburley89 Active Member

    some really great images here. love the autumn section.
  4. BrianWall

    BrianWall Well-Known Member

    Just seen this. Some lovely photos there and the site looks fine to me.
  5. emma3006

    emma3006 Active Member

    Beautiful shots, I think the simplicity of the wesbite really compliments your photos. The guides are a great idea as well, a trip to exmoor is definitely on the cards for me after reading the red deer guide :).

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