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Wide Angle & Tele?

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by Mario, Apr 15, 2000.

  1. Mario

    Mario Well-Known Member

    I have a canon eos 5 & 500 and have been looking at the cosina 19-35mm. I have a 28mm and am not sure how much difference would be visable between the two. Also is the quality of the lens in question any good? It is fairly cheap (£160) bu as I only occaisonly do landscapes would it surfice? I also wish to purchase a Jessops 2x teleconverter that I would use on a 300mm sigma lens. Will I loose much in terms of picture quality? Thanks for any advice, mario.
  2. Pecheur

    Pecheur Active Member

    The Cosina 19-35mm lens is meant to be a very good lens for the price,so I think it would be a shrewd purchase,although it is never going to be as sharp as a prime 28mm lens.That said,I suspect that it will be plenty sharp enough to produce pleasing results.

    At 19mm,images from the Cosina will look far more extreme than with your 28mm lens.Subject matter will appear to sprawl before your lens,which often makes for pictures with more impact.

    About the Jessops teleconverter,it is likely to disappoint you in terms of the loss in picture quality.I have never purchased a teleconverter,but I know from reading hundreds of photo mags that you will get what you pay for.

    The Teleplus 7 element 2x converter would almost certainly be a far better purchase,although you are still compromising the quality of your lens.

    Two other things - image quality is marred less by 1.4 converters.One of these would give you a focal length of 420mm with your 300mm lens,which is a useful increase.

    Secondly,you may know that teleconverters usually cause loss of autofocus,unless you are using a very fast lens (one with a wide maximum aperture,usually of no less than f4).Something to consider.

  3. daveproctor

    daveproctor Member

    Go for the Cosina, I bought one on the strength of reading various reviews and am delighted with it.

    With regards the teleconverter there are loads of secondhand Teleplus converters which you'll get for less than a new Jessops lens and will be a lot better.
  4. Dave

    Dave Member

    Mario, When purchasing a TC either 1.4x or 2x, always try to buy the same brand as the lens. Usually if you stick with the same brand as the lens you have, you'll find that they are (not always though) better matched than using cross branded TC's with 3rd party lenses.

    Depending on the lens quality, and the TC quality you may lose a little to a lot of quality. You'll also want to make sure that the TC you're getting will work with the lens you have, as some don't.

    i.e. Canon TC's will only work on the more expensive 'L' prime lenses, and will not work on many Sigma or 3rd party lenses.

    For reviews of TC's and lenses, you might want to check out http://www.photo.net

    Hope this helps.

    Dave Burrows

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