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Wide angle :cheap?

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by Eddie, Nov 26, 2001.

  1. Eddie

    Eddie Member


    Anyway out there able to advise me? I am looking for a wide angle lenses (20 mmm at least), budget circa £150, secondhand considered, to fit minolta 505 si super.

  2. TimF

    TimF With as stony a stare as ever Lord Reith could hav

    If Tamron make an SP adapter for the Minolta AF system, I have a 17mm f/3.5 I no longer require.

    "Art is a lie which makes you realise the truth"
  3. RonM

    RonM Alpha Napper


    There are a couple of on-line dealers you might like to try, who may have something suitable in a Minolta AF fitting. the web addresses are:-
    I've personally used Ffordes and can highly recommend them, and others on the forum have used MXV, keep a regular eye on their web sites as their stocks are continually being updated.

    Good luck in your search, hope you get the lens you're looking for.
  4. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Thanks for your help. It will not be ignored!
  5. Canonball

    Canonball Well-Known Member

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