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Why Pentax?

Discussion in 'Pentax Chat' started by JerryNash, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Pontoneer

    Pontoneer Well-Known Member

    My history with Pentax goes back to the mid 1970's when I was just out of school and finally earning money .

    I already had a interest in Photography , having inherited an Ilford Sportsman from my father , then replaced it with a Zeiss Contina , along the way also aquiring a secondhand twin lens Rollei . With the fruits of my first earnings , I decided it was time I had a SLR , so I looked at the various options : decided I wanted something a bit better than the Zenit and Practika cameras at the cheapest end of the market , considered Nikon , but could see no advantage over Pentax in terms of build quality , besides several people had also advised that Pentax lenses were the best .

    In the end I bought the then-new Km with 50mm f1.7 SMC Takumar , before long I had added a 123mm f2.8 and then one accessory after another . Over the years , I worked my way through a range of bodies , culminating with two MX's then two LX's . I was pretty much underwhelmed by the notion of AF , being quite happy that I could focus accurately with my existing cameras and could see nothing to better them .

    Eventually , I dipped a toe in the water with digital and bought an *istD body - pleased that it could use all my existing lenses , Metz flashes and many other accessories . I did find manual focussing less easy due to the smaller viewfinder and my fading eyesight since I was by then well into my 40's , so I bought a couple of Sigma EX AF lenses which I was very happy with . I also bought a mint used MZ-S body for use with these .

    Nowadays , I have something like 14 Pentax bodies ( most of which are just 'ornaments' these days - although all still work ) , countelss lenses , half a dozen flashes and more - the nice thing about Pentax is that just about everything works with just about everything else - more than I can say for certain other makes which we use at work .

    My own kit is Pentax ( apart from a Canon G11 compact ) ; at work we are supplied with Canon & Nikon kit ( but some of my best pictures are still taken with my own equipment ) .

    If I came into money , I'd have a new K5 in an instant , along with a set of 'Limited' lenses - because as far as I am concerned they are 'the best' .

    Meanwhile , I still get very nice results with the *istD and film .

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