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Discussion in 'Weekly Poll' started by Damien_Demolder, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Damien_Demolder

    Damien_Demolder Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    This week's poll is inspired by the rise in post-capture image processing - as we've seen in the Pentax K10D/Samsung GX-10 and now the Nikon D60.

    These cameras let you process raw files in-camera to alter the white balance, ISO, contrast etc after you've taken the shot. You can also apply colour tones, turn pictures black and white and all sorts of excitements. Does this sort of control appeal to you at all, or do you think it's a bit of a gimmick?

    I predict we'll be getting more of these sort of controls in the future, and we may see the day when computer-based imaging software is something we use only occasionally.

    Go to the home page to let us know what you think. The question is -

    Would you be interested in more in-camera post capture controls, such as curves, levels or straightening tools?

  2. Fen

    Fen The Destroyer

    I voted No

    I don't want the camera making the decisions, I'd rather do this sort of adjustment myself.

    How are you supposed to be able to tell what you are doing on a 3" screen?
  3. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    Morning Damien,

    I voted yes but, truth be told, I really don't know
    how often I would use it :eek:


  4. TheFatControlleR

    TheFatControlleR :Devil's Advocaat: Forum Admin

    ^What he said^

    I'd rather that processing power was put to better use in terms of capture quality and/or speed.
  5. Damien_Demolder

    Damien_Demolder Well-Known Member

    You know what? I think that's been your problem all along. Maybe you should let the camera do the thinking more often. Not saying you're ...

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  6. Fen

    Fen The Destroyer

    You've seen that bit where Homer tries to strangle Bart?

    WHY YOU.... ;) ;) :D
  7. Mojo_66

    Mojo_66 Well-Known Member

    What they said. I reckon a lot of people (not everyone, I know) using a DSLR will have a good idea of what they're doing and would rather process their own photos on a PC/Mac anyway. The R&D would be better directed elsewhere.
  8. fabs

    fabs Well-Known Member

    Is this to let the user actually do things to RAW files in camera that you would normally do on the computer?

    If so, I would say no, purely because whilst I am out with my camera I would rather use the time to take photos and so the processing when I get home. Also, even with the new big and bright screens we have on our cameras now, I still couldn't confidently make any changes in camera. I have taken many pictures that have looked good on the screen, even when I zoom in, but when I get them uploaded they often turn out to be not what I wanted.
  9. topoxforddoc

    topoxforddoc Well-Known Member


  10. Bettina

    Bettina Well-Known Member

    IIRC, don't know where I got it from, but I've heard that if you delete pictures or chew around with them in-camera, you run the risk of corrupting them on the card. Might be an interesting issue to test.
  11. IvorETower

    IvorETower Little Buttercup

    After today's interesting expedition, I vote "Yes" (up to a point!)
  12. Dave_Cox

    Dave_Cox Well-Known Member

    ^^^^^^ Same as^^^^^^. The less decisions the camera makes the better. All it has to do is get the exposure reading correct and give me a file to work on.
  13. Footloose

    Footloose Well-Known Member

    I voted No, on the basis that this is not done within current camera design layouts. If the image was outputted (wirelessly) to a decent sized screen, (A4?) with dedicated processing chips built into it, maybe this might be a viable proposition. Quite how you ensure that the ambient light doesn't impact on the screen's colours, would be the greatest problem. Somplicity in the processing architecture would be paramount!
  14. beejaybee

    beejaybee Marvin

    Couldn't agree more. Eliminate lots of the stuff there is in the camera already, which simply complicates the business of taking a photo. Simplify, simplify, simplify ... no need for white balance correction, exposure compensation, ... that's what the raw converter software is for. /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

    I don't want to print straight from the camera, and I don't care if I can't output JPEG format without going through the Intel/AMD powered "developing tank".
  15. daft_biker

    daft_biker Action Man!

    I can't see myself using them on a DSLR that only uses CF cards.....but have used the resize options and perspective correction stuff on my compact that uses SD cards which I can put in a phone to email or MMS pics.

    Isn't photography about seeing how right you can get it in-camera? Wonder if there will come a time when levels and curves etc can be set pre-capture???? :cool:
  16. Carrie

    Carrie Well-Known Member

    Why would I want to try to get it right in the middle of taking photos, on a 3" screen, when I can wait until I've finished shooting, upload the photos onto the computer, make a back up copy, and then edit them (nondestructively) on a 19" colour calibrated monitor?

    Guess what I voted?

    Having said that I can see that some people will not want to play around on the computer and can imagine that they would appreciate as much as possible being done in camera before they take their SD card into the local print booth.

    (edit to correct a typo)
  17. Monobod

    Monobod Phantom of the forum

    I think not, personally. I much prefer to do this later in the comfort of my home when things are not being rushed.

    I can see some people may have a use for it if they are sending images dirctly to a magazine, or whatever, but it is not my cup of tea.
  18. Clodhopper

    Clodhopper Well-Known Member

    No, definitely not.
    I like to see what I'm mangling, not mess around with a fiddly little screen, even if my camera is cleverer than I am...
  19. Footloose

    Footloose Well-Known Member

    The idea of MS or similar getting inon the act with their reputation for 'Keeping things simple' horrifies me.
  20. Chris Cool

    Chris Cool Retired

    I can’t wait for the digital camera to be fully automatic! Hey, let it go out on a cold and frosty morning and take the pics. I’ve got better things to do with my life...

    Now where did I put that copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People Without Leaving the Bedroom" /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

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