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Who shoots with two camera bodies?

Discussion in 'Talking Pictures' started by Bazarchie, Jul 17, 2021.

  1. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    You could buy them as an accessory but I thought that the prices were too high. As I had some 1/8th inch clear plastic sheet at the time, I just made my own.

    Two squares, 1/2 inch bigger than the box top on three sides, cut a box top shaped hole in one and glue them together. Then glue them to the back of the camera. Worked well and didn't look too bad either. :)
  2. Alex1994

    Alex1994 Well-Known Member

    The Nikon FM had a film box memo holder, and the Minolta XE-1, which had a DIN/ASA charted printed inside it!
  3. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    I just dug out a Minolta X-700 and that has one with chart also.
  4. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    Pentax K2 has the film box slot. Currently loaded with Fujicolor 100.
  5. Zak52

    Zak52 Well-Known Member

    I only ever take one camera with me when out and about. If it's a trip to a new location I haul my D7200 with the 18-200mm VRii which suits me fine in terms of flexibility and quality. On my daily walks it's one of my compacts, an X100s, a Panasonic TZ100 or Canon G5x. For overseas holidays I take my Nikon P900, lowish value, huge zoom range, built in GPS and decent image quality.
  6. Petrochemist

    Petrochemist Well-Known Member

    Altogether I use a lot more than 2 cameras, but I don't often take more than two out at any time.
    I used to routinely take two micro four thirds on most of my photographic outings (one of these is converted to IR) but I now tend to just take a full spectrum A7ii along with a filter to reverse the conversion when required. My A7 bag weighs several times the MFT one - perhaps a sign I have too many FF lenses packed (I think there are currently 8).
    When we had air shows (the local one is cancelled this year as well as last) I usually took 2 visual light cameras for this allowing quick change from super telephoto to wide angle - very much needed during the red arrows! Usually it's been a DSLR for the super telephotos (150-500) & MFT with the kit zoom for wider views.
    On occasion I'll also shoot 'Through the viewfinder' which again requires 2 cameras:

    [​IMG]Dedham church TTV by Mike Kanssen, on Flickr

    Some day I'll get round to doing this with my large format cameras, but they are much more effort to relocate!
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  7. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I was out with the pair of Sony A65s, plus the 16~300 and the 10~20. In the days of film I would never have believed I could cover such a huge range without even changing lenses...

    Heavy dury piping by Clyst Bridge A65 DSC03599.JPG
    Heavy traffic A376 M5 junction approach A65 DSC00086.JPG
  8. lfc1892

    lfc1892 Well-Known Member

    I used to have various lenses and a couple of bodies, but now only ever use an old oly MFT with a cheap panasonic 14mm prime.

    Oh, and the iPhone.
  9. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    I frequently go out with two camera bodies, particularly if it's a specific photo trip where significantly different focal ranges might be required - eg a football match or other event where subject distance may vary widely and quickly. Much quicker to swap body/lens combo than swap lenses... I also tend to take a second normal camera along (even if it's just a compact) when I'm out with an IR converted body just to cover all bases...

    On a casual or non-specific outing then usually it's one body only - I'm not that much of a masochist...:D
  10. Learning

    Learning Ethelred the Ill-Named

    On Saturday I intend to be taking photographs of an official opening of a skate park. There will be the usual set piece by a local dignitaries followed by demonstrations by local clubs. I will go along with two camera bodies. One will be fitted with a 16-80 and t'other will be fitted with a 70-300. The cameras are D500 unless it is raining heavily in which case one of the cameras will be a D200..
    I normally only use a single camera.
  11. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    Will you be skating?
  12. alfbranch

    alfbranch Well-Known Member

    I use two cameras often when shooting landscapes. I will use one on the tripod and one handheld. I have even shot holding the cable release in one and camera in the other.
    That is always MFT. Those so called full frame things are too big.

    If was shooting film it would be one at a time.
  13. alfbranch

    alfbranch Well-Known Member

    Are the D500's not well enough weather sealed?
    My little MFT gear just shrugs off bad weather all I worry about is front element/filter.
  14. Learning

    Learning Ethelred the Ill-Named

    They are well weather sealed but I consider them a capital asset. The D200 is now relegated to near consumable asset. It soldiers on. I did write off a D300 by pushing abuse a bit too much, hence the D200 came back into play. I have actually taken the trouble to learn how to use it. First time round I sort of used it for about six months while still mainly using F100, Then I bought the D300.
    The D200 is still a good camera provided you do not need fast AF and compatibility with new lenses. Around 12 mega pixies is more than adequate for what I do.
    No. I will not be skating. My bones are are nearly eighty years old and presumably not very flexible.
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