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Which Sony E series

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by Littleted, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Littleted

    Littleted Member

    Happy Bonfire Night all, hope youve all charged your Batteries and got your sparklers.

    I need guidance. I want to start taking photos with a bit more passion, my Dads been doing it for over 30 years and currently runs the Nikon D800E with a mass of lenses, i know he rates Sonys very highly so i wanted to possibly look at buying one.

    Ive checked out the range online and read various reviews all seem positive, so a few questions really. Firslty the DSC-RX range and the RX100 III, very easy for me, kind of a portable affair good starter or not ? What im trying to get away from is the amount of Bags my dad carrys, now where as i appreciate if im going to start in anger this is what i should aspire to do, But if i can ask you Pros who use the Full SLRs if you had to step down for a more portable Sny camara which would achieve 60% of what you do normally what would it be ? DSC or E series.

    And secondly the E series


    Benifits ?

    or smaller still A6000

    Sorry if i sound very new to this, but i will read up on them but needed you SOny pro advice..


  2. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    The RX series are very capable and if you can work with the limitations of their fixed lenses they'd be great. The a6000 is another cracking bit of kit but lens choices are more difficult. Sony do have some good lenses but the best are very pricey and fast primes are rare. If you went for the a7 you can use a lot more lenses at their best (ie the sensor size is what they were designed for) and it still isn't anything like as heavy as your dad's Nikon.

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