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Which compact camera with viewfinder?

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by ChrisNewman, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Learning

    Learning Ethelred the Ill-Named

    The review of the X20 by Matt Golowczynski in the latest AP is very encouraging.
    I haven't noticed Matt Golowczynski before. If you are following the threads Matt and are really new then please introduce yourself. If you are not new then I apologise for not noticing you.

    Some time ago I said I wanted an X20 but promised to buy one when the street price dropped below 80% of the rrp. Of course I meant rrp at the time of writing. Are we near enough for me to break my promise?

    I suppose that the X30 will have a parallax corrected viewfinder. Why can't we have a bit of technology common 50 years ago in today's cameras?
  2. bonynge5

    bonynge5 Active Member

    I did a firmware update. Also I use the RAW button for picture taking modes ie, b&w colour modes etc. the most important thing though,is, it takes a nice photo
  3. Roy5051

    Roy5051 Well-Known Member

    Matt has been writing for What Digital Camera (another IPC title) for some time
  4. Stanovich

    Stanovich Member

    Thanks for your ideas. My only reservation re. the X20 was whether it was worth 50% more than the X10 (with updated firmware which presumably is easy enough to download and install). The G1X does look interesting however, and not a lot more in price than the G12/G15 (it was vaguely on my radar but I'd assumed it would be more expensive). I recently parted with my first digital, an Olympus C5060, and the G1X could easily be what that might have grown (or should that be shrunk?) into. I will see if I can find one to play with.
  5. Stanovich

    Stanovich Member

    Decision time: I've just ordered an X20 from SRS. In brief my reasoning is that technically it seems to do everything I want a second camera to do, the image quality seems very acceptable, it has a good clear viewfinder, and is pleasing to operate. The same could be said for the X10, but now the price of the X20 has dropped a little (£439) I thought it was worth paying for the improved sensor and autofocus; hopefully I can sort out the lack of sharpness some reviewers comment on via the menus (unlike my SLR I will probably use it on JPEG setting most of the time). My only slight concern (as it's effectively replacing an LX3) is that it doesn't go to 24mm equivalent at the wide end, but then none of the viewfinder-equipped competition do.

    The G1-X was also a contender particularly given the much larger sensor, but for what I want it feels too bulky (and less pleasing to handle than the Fuji), plus I thought the viewfinder was less clear (maybe less dioptre adjustment). If I had to have just one camera (and not an SLR) then I would probably be looking at this more seriously.
  6. bonynge5

    bonynge5 Active Member

    I'm sure you'll like the X20. It will be interesting to hear from you when you have used it for a while.
  7. Stanovich

    Stanovich Member

    After a month of ownership, on balance I'm quite pleased with the X20, and I can coax some decent images out of it though it does have a few quirks. I've put a more detailed review in the 'reviews' section.


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