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whats my lens?

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by jhill, Nov 9, 2001.

  1. jhill

    jhill Well-Known Member

    I am trying to find out about a Minolta lens I just bought secondhand.
    The writing on it is
    Maxxum AF APO TELE ZOOM 80-200mm 1:2.8(32) serial No 52301543
    I tried a web search but could only find info relating to a lens that appears to be identical but is white (my one is all black, has a metal tripod support, metal lens shade, and has a gold ring around the end)
    Is this a cheaper version of the white lens?
    Should it have a distance encoder like the other Dynax/Maxxum lenses?
    Has this lens got a good/bad reputation?
    Any info/URL etc gratefully recieve

    <i>Ignorance is bliss-I am a very happy bunny<i>
  2. RonM

    RonM Alpha Napper


    I am not absolutely certain, but, I think you have got hold of an American (re the Maxxum) Dynax AF APO 80 - 200 f2.8 lens, in the Dynax form it normally has a G suffix indicating it is the 'Higher Specification' family of lenses. I don't think that Minolta ever produced a 'cheaper' version it may just be different for the American market. It will not have the ADI distance encoding circuitry, as Minolta have not started to produce this and many other lenses with the new ADI system as yet. As far as a good reputation if the lens is what I think it is you have got a 'Pro' specification lens, and should give you excellent results. You might want to send an enquiry to Minolta UK about the lens photohelp@Minolta.co.uk I have found Minolta to be very helpfull in the past.
    Hope this is of help

    Kind Regards
    /img/wwwthreads/smile.gif<font color=blue>RonM FRIPN
  3. jhill

    jhill Well-Known Member

    Ta. I have sent them an e-mail request for some info and I'll let you know if they respond.

    &lt;i&gt;Ignorance is bliss-I am a very happy bunny&lt;i&gt;
  4. raminolta

    raminolta Member

    Is it a G lens? As far as i know the new G lens is white.
    This might be the older version of 80-200mmf/2.8. I guess they didn't used to label tG heir high quality lenses in older times.
  5. jhill

    jhill Well-Known Member

    This is the info Minolta sent me.

    &gt;Thank you for your enquiry.
    &gt;The 80-200mm APO lens you have bought was current between about 1978 and
    &gt;1993. It was replaced in 1993 by the current model, which has faster
    &gt;focusing and a focus lock button, but is otherwise very similar in design,
    &gt;although the two lenses do look very different, because of the external

    Not much, but it semms to confirm it is a "G" lens. There is an ongoing story between me and this lens at the moment and I'll post a follow up when it is concluded if I think it will interest anyone.

    &lt;i&gt;Ignorance is bliss-I am a very happy bunny&lt;i&gt;

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