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What The Duck?

Discussion in 'AP Magazine Feedback & Suggestions' started by Guitarist, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Guitarist

    Guitarist Well-Known Member

    I may be missing something here, but I don't find it at all funny. I much preferred the Penguins which preceded it.
  2. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    You MUST be kidding, surely? :confused:
  3. RexK

    RexK Well-Known Member

  4. Fen

    Fen Well-Known Member

    No way... Penguins were *language language language*

    WTD is hilarious. I even subscribe to the main website AND own my own duck!
  5. Bawbee

    Bawbee Well-Known Member

    Now THAT is sad :rolleyes:
  6. Grierson

    Grierson Well-Known Member

    Don't call him 'shirly' :)
  7. TheFatControlleR

    TheFatControlleR :Devil's Advocaat: Forum Admin

    And some folk don't get Larson either... :(
  8. Alex1994

    Alex1994 Well-Known Member

    As Chico Marx once said, 'why a duck?'
  9. beejaybee

    beejaybee Marvin

    Why not a knot? ;)
  10. Fen

    Fen Well-Known Member

    Because it doesn't rhyme with *language* !
  11. Alex1994

    Alex1994 Well-Known Member

  12. swanseadave

    swanseadave Well-Known Member

  13. Fen

    Fen Well-Known Member

    Nor me.

    Unless he's trying to say... Viaduct... Via Duck... Why A Duck !
  14. swanseadave

    swanseadave Well-Known Member

    Possibly Fen:confused: Far too subtle for me:(:D
  15. Alex1994

    Alex1994 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I was being a bit obscure, but yes, there was a gag in an early Marx brothers film where Groucho mentions a viaduct and Chico asks 'why a duck?'.

    Well spotted Fen!
  16. Learning

    Learning Ethelred the Ill-Named

    Of course we all got the viaduct joke as subtle as it is.
    The main joke, almost the single joke of every cartoon in the series, is that the joke associates itself with a phrase that would get it's utterer banned from the forum.
    Sorry for mentioning the heffalump.
  17. mark_jacobs

    mark_jacobs Retired

    Nope. Too subtle for me, however there is a Elephantidae standing next to a Spheniscidae, in the Lounge… humorous photographic based cartoons or strips welcomed :p
  18. AGW

    AGW Well-Known Member

    There was a Nikon, a Canon and an Olympus standing in a row. Along comes a Pentax and asks "Why the Q?".

  19. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member


    Make an *ist joke if you can.
  20. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Pentax did... :)

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