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What program do i use to view raw images and or adjust?

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by andjayik, May 20, 2006.

  1. MickLL

    MickLL In the Stop Bath

    Thanks Russ,

    The link you gave certainly seems to fit the bill and it talks about version 2.4.
    However if you click the download link it takes you back to the CS2 version 3.4 page.

    I suppose that I ought to try it but I need to be on a train very soon and don't have time. If I remember I'll do it tonight.

  2. RussB

    RussB Member

    Hi Mick

    How strange. The v3.4 page doesn't mention CS at all, let alone 7.0.1.; I think that trying Camera Raw v3.4 on CS would be risky.

    I did a search in the site and found v2.4 for download at http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=2863. That should do it.

  3. MickLL

    MickLL In the Stop Bath

    You are a gentelman and a scholar !

    I really didn't expect you to spend time searching for me - but I'm glad you did :):). I've downloaded and it works perfectly.

    I've just got back from a hot sticky and horrible day in London and you have made my evening much easier.

    Thanks again.


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