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What Macro Lens? (Lumix G2)

Discussion in 'Panasonic Chat' started by Spoff, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Spoff

    Spoff Well-Known Member

    Can anyone point me towards Macro lenses that are compatible with the Lumix G2, any personal experience or links to reviews of said lenses would be greatley appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member

    I have no idea what your budget is, or what size magnifications you will want / need to use, but if you want a budget solution seriously consider using a legacy lens and some cheap extension tubes. Elsewhere on this forum I have discussed using a Canon FD lens on a PEN camera (which works very well), but that's only because I happen to have a PEN and recently unused FD lenses.

    If you keep your eyes open you might be able to pick up a suitable lens for very little - sometimes they can be found in auctions or charity shops complete with camera for as little as £20
  3. AAB

    AAB Well-Known Member

    I agree with Roger - it's difficult to make any specific recommendations without knowing your budget, or what sort of magnification you are trying to achieve. As for dedicated macro lenses, it probably goes without saying that on your G2 the Pana/Leica 45mm f2.8, Olympus 35mm f3.5 and 50mm f2 would all do the trick (remember that those Oly lenses need the mFT->FT adaptor of course).

    Personally, I decided to go down the 'budget' route with my GH1. I unfortunately have no 35mm SLR history, so there were no nice lenses hidden away in my loft... however, I picked up some bargains, all in the Canon FD mount: 50mm f1.8 lens (£20), 70-210 f4 with macro (£10), set of 3 extension tubes (£10), Vivitar 2x macro-focusing teleconverter (£3) - and of course an FD-mFT adaptor (£28). The only down-side, is that you have to focus manually, and set the aperture on the lens..... but that's all part of the fun!!! The positives far outweigh the loss of auto-focus IMHO, as you can attached pretty much anything to the front of that G2 of yours with the right adaptor. In case you're wondering, the G2 metering will still work, so you'll find you can still shoot in P, A or M modes.

    If you're interested, you can see the sort of results I'm getting in my legacy macro flickr set (do check out the rest of my photostream too ;))

    So, for very little outlay, I've supplemented my GH1 kit with (a) a fast(-ish) portrait prime lens, that also doubles up great for macro when combined with the extension tubes and/or teleconverter; and (b) a good quality constant f4 tele-zoom, that again is excellent for macro either on its' own (extra close focus available at 70mm) or again, with tubes (and/or 2xTC). I didn't buy the 'best' legacy lenses, but will definitely be adding to my collection.

    Just my 2p worth, and feel free to ignore it, but I think it really is worth at least trying out the budget route. Best of luck :D
  4. Spoff

    Spoff Well-Known Member

    Thanks both, I need to do a lot more investigations I think, didn't really know what was out there so this has given me some very good initial pointers.

    Happy to go with manual focus/appature, totally agree that is where the fun is with photography. The only reason I packed photography in first time round is my original equipment was all manual and my son wouldn't sit still!!!

    My budget can be anything really, I can afford £20 today or if I want it £500 in 12 months time. I'm in no rush to be honest, I'm ten days into a hobby I hope will last the rest of my life.

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