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What is it?

Discussion in 'The Games Room' started by Harold_2, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. Harold_2

    Harold_2 Well-Known Member

    A new game
    i will post a photo of an object all you have to do is guess what it is then you get to post an object and then we can all guess what yours is
    1 the image must be of an object that is animal, mineral or vegitable, no sciance fiction or any other kind of fictional image
    2 you can crop rotate enlarge the image to make it look differant to what it would normaly look like
    3 you can have 3 guesses in succesion then you must let someone else try
    3 If you guess right then i will peply with a yes and then you have two days to post a what is it Photo of your own.
    this is just a bit of fun so lets not make the objects to obscure so we all have a chance of getting it right ok i will post the first one

    PS how do i get the photo to show here?
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2015
  2. Harold_2

    Harold_2 Well-Known Member

    OK second attempt to load photo
  3. spinno

    spinno Well-Known Member

  4. Harold_2

    Harold_2 Well-Known Member

    your turn

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