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What are you listening to?

Discussion in 'The Games Room' started by EmilyTheStrange, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. EmilyTheStrange

    EmilyTheStrange Well-Known Member

    Yes, thats right a "What are you listening to?" thread. Every board needs one. They're useful for everyone to get to know new and different bands and music genres :)

    I'll start.
    The Passenger ~ Siouxsie and the Banshees
    One World One Sky ~ Covenant
  2. rob_watt

    rob_watt Well-Known Member

    Boy Kill Boy - Suzie
    Editors - Bullets

    ....but right now a really boring teleconf with the US!
  3. robc

    robc Well-Known Member

    Well there is some India woman wailing in a very high-pitched voice in Hindi over some tabla music (am in an internet cafe in Amristar!) I have no idea what it is called and frankly it is hurting my ears! (But not as much as the 3 guys trying to sing along to it!)
  4. BigWill

    BigWill Gorgeous oversensitive Nikon-loving cream puff

    Well, this guy is my all time guitar hero but I'm kind of quite into KT Tunstall at the minute!

  5. Matt_Hunt

    Matt_Hunt Well-Known Member

    Nothing right now but I've got Kate Bush (Aerial) and Simple Minds (Up on the Catwalk) on the ipod.

    At home there is NMA, Dido, Curve, lots of Cure (somewhere), All about Eve and classical - mostly wind or string.
  6. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast Well-Known Member

    This Year - The Mountain Goats... My song of the week!
  7. EmilyTheStrange

    EmilyTheStrange Well-Known Member

    Frozen ~ Madonna
    Nightmare ~ Xotox (Not for long though...Not in the mood for hard noize)
    [********************] ~ Combichrist

    <span style="color:blue"> Moderator: That's too much, even for the Lounge. </span>
  8. downfader

    downfader Well-Known Member

    A bit of Rory Gallagher, Beatles, Rachmaninov, Buddy Guy, Joe Satriani, Editors, mostly just been playing the blues on me strat to a backing cd at the mo though. :)
  9. Fen

    Fen The Destroyer

    At this very moment "Baggy Trousers" by Madness
  10. Fen

    Fen The Destroyer

    And now loads of Faithless on random play
  11. BigWill

    BigWill Gorgeous oversensitive Nikon-loving cream puff

    ...........love that track "insomnia" by faithless!

  12. The Circle Of Confusion

    The Circle Of Confusion Well-Known Member

    In Your Honor, Foo Fighters.

    I saw them the other day at Hyde Park and I've had them on heavy rotation ever since :cool:
  13. EmilyTheStrange

    EmilyTheStrange Well-Known Member

    Thats a classic!

    Chrome ~ VNV Nation *sings and dances*
    Time ~ Cinema Strange
    Feeling Good ~ Nina Simone *sings*
  14. bagpuss

    bagpuss Well-Known Member

    Radio 4
    Depeche Mode - Singles: 86-98
  15. EmilyTheStrange

    EmilyTheStrange Well-Known Member

    Enjoy The Silence ~ Depeche Mode&lt;3
  16. Fen

    Fen The Destroyer

    That's my 'TXT Message' alert on my mobile :)

    Thought it was kinda apt as it breaks the silence!
  17. EmilyTheStrange

    EmilyTheStrange Well-Known Member

    hahaha, brilliant...I think i might actually have to get it for my phone you know...As a ringtone maybe though as not to copy you :p ...Not sure...Hmmm...

    Fun with drugs ~ Velvet Acid Christ

    *wonders if anyone on here actually knows half of the bands she listens to*

  18. button

    button Well-Known Member

    The CD's I've had on most the last wee while are;
    The Doors (Best Of)
    Guns N Roses
    Red Hot Chili Pepper (brother bought me their new one for my birthday last month)
    Rammstein (Mutter)

    That's what I've got in the car just now but listen to White Stripes, Nirvana, Hendrix and Greenday as well as a lot of other stuff.
  19. EmilyTheStrange

    EmilyTheStrange Well-Known Member

    ^^Some not bad stuff...Been a long time since i've listend to Rammstein...Last time i did was when the 4yr old girl we looked after last summer made me put it on...Yes...A 4yr old girl was listening to and singing along to Rammstein... :|

    Cosmic Gate ~ Syrian *dances*

  20. Matt_Hunt

    Matt_Hunt Well-Known Member

    How odd, on the way to the station this morning I could not get the last track of 'Violator' out of my head. 'Clean'?
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